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Welcome to DUBAI!

Are you ready for the wildest adventure of your life?

Dubai Offers a wide range of activities to do, places to go and restaurants to try. From Arabic to Asian cuisine. Dubai has been considering the go-to places if you want to relax and just enjoy the shopping paradise that many of you now call this place.

Why should you visit Dubai?

We got tons of answer for you!

Dubai is one of the 7 emirates that make UAE a country is the home of many world records in the world. They thrive not only to be the no. 1 in an Arabian country but with the world. They have started with the Burj Khalifa, then you have the first ever in the middles, Burj Al Arab. One of the biggest frame is located in Dubai as well. Many other places are in progress.

Dubai may be known for the luxury places, out of this world experience and the shopping paradise in the Middle East.

UAE may be a Muslim country, I believe they are doing their best to open to the world in a unique way without compromising their culture so as their religion in exchange of the things that can or potential violate some religious practices that they have here.

You will get tons of events happening, month after month in Dubai, so apart from the usual things such as Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, and shopping; you should explore the outskirts of Dubai and other Emirates such as Abu Dhabi,  Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman. Al Ain being part of Abu Dhabi, is another place to see and visit.

Let us know what is your interest and we are more than happy to help you put up your itinerary base on your interest. We want you to be excited and we want you not only to enjoy your stay but make it memorable.