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Tear Drop of Buddha

Blessed with enormous gems and beautiful people

Ceylon or know as Sri Lanka in the modern times is a country that has been the paradise of many travelers. Highly recommend for families and those who wish to make a quick relaxation time during a long weekend or wanted to reconnect with mother nature. It is a personal favorite destination for many backpackers.

Places that you got to visit

We highly highly highly RECOMMEND these places. It's a must to see

Why should I visit Sri Lanka?

You might be asking yourself, of all places why should you visit Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is a country more than its name, they have yet to be discovered by many travelers and if I am to define the country. Its a perfect place where you really can relax, where you can reconnect with yourself and with mother earth.

You will be very impressed in how Sri Lankans welcome their visitors and what's in store for you. They have a rich culture, the people love their history and they have a love of country.

A huge number of buddhist and few christians, muslims and hindus; but you will be blown away how they were able to live in a a very harmous way.  My visit in Sri Lanka is both an eye opening and a learning, I can see how much things are posible only when you believe that religious belief should not separate the relality that you are both having the same nationality.

Sri Lanka, even it just started in the industry of tourism, they seems to have perfected the gesture of hospitality and friendliness.

This is one of the countries that will surely make you feel so welcome and could potentially make you keep coming back.

To know more about the country and things that might interest you to plan your up coming visiting in Sri Lanka, feel free to email us.